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04 November 2019 - Pallas Theatre, Athens

High Priority Promotions presents a unique one-man show starring the voice of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson!


Bruce Dickinson is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic forms of musical history. Besides the decades that have gone by filled with unforgettable live performances with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson's life is just as exciting, off the scene.

Bruce Dickinson has been involved with aviation for a while, as a pilot and as an entrepreneur, while he has also been a brewer, speaker, screenwriter, published author, radio producer, actor and fencer!

In 2017, his autobiography What Does This Button Do?immediately became a New York & UK Times best-seller, while he appeared in selected British theaters, presenting parts of it and answering his fans’ questions.

Of course, “What Does This Button Do? - An Evening with Bruce Dickinson” evolved into a complete, stand-alone performance and into a reminiscent of many stand-up shows. Audiences and critics around the world are impressed by his capability and characterize the show is as a must-see.

Το What Does This Button Do? – An Evening with Bruce Dickinson In the first part, Bruce always with humor and self-deprecation, moments of his incredible life.He shares stories and photos with the audience, that haven't even reached the pages of his book!

The second half is dedicated to Bruce's fans, in a rhythmic Q&A round! Fans ask and Bruce responds by improvising, with the known humor that distinguishes the charismatic frontman.

On November 4th, the Greek fans will have a unique opportunity to see from up close the ultimate music icon, to listen to his experiences and become a part of the wonderful Bruce Dickinson world!


"There were moments of laughter, moments of frantic applause and moments where you could hear every whisper, as we hung from his every word… a unique narrator. Amazing fluency, fun, witty and hilarious at the same time"- Heavymag, Sydney

"What impressed me the most was his ability to improvise and move along with the audience ... it was a really interesting night, don't miss it!" - Wall of Sound, Sydney

"Wow Bruce, wow! Ένας φανταστικός αφηγητής, ήταν προνόμιο να ακούσουμε τις ιστορίες του από τον ίδιο" – Silver Tiger Media

"Dickinson's performance was fantastic. An amazing storyteller, impeccable showman, and the narrative part comes to consolidate this idea. For fans of Iron Maiden, rock metal, aviation or just interesting biographies, Dickinson's show is a must-see! " - Overdrive, Melbourne, Australia

"Armed only with his humor, charm and a photographic slideshow, Bruce Dickinson offers a personal perspective on his impressive life. There are all sorts of diligent and creatively intelligent entrepreneurs. And then there's Bruce Dickinson, who's on another level!" - Aftonbladet newspaper, Sweden

"Bruce Dickinson is a superstar… As you seek furter, you'll find a sense of humor, that makes it easy to tell an epic story. This man has a huge heart and a fighting spirit!" - Copenhagen Post newspaper, Denmark

"Bruce Dickinson is a capable man, dedicated to exploring and learning new things. A fantastic narrator" - Radio Rock, Bauer Media, Norway

"Dickinson on stage is a force of nature" - Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland

"Dickinson was unstoppable on stage, strolling around, having fun with himself and others. Extremely witty, as you might expect"- Morgunbladid newspaper, Iceland

"The Talented Mr. Dickinson ..." - Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland

"Bruce captivates the public for 2 hours and 45 minutes with amusing anecdotes" - Lords of Metal, The Netherlands

"An incredible frontman, in every sense of the word, an excellent entertainer and artist. But what we didn't know is that he is also a great speaker!" - Red HardnHeavy, Spain 

04 November 2019
Pallas Theatre, Athens

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