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07 February - Mylos 1927 - Larissa

On Friday, February 7th, Villagers of Ioannina City are visiting Larissa for one more magnificent live performance at Mylos 1927.

Villagers of Ioannina City is one of the very few bands that combined Greek folk music with rock structures and heavy guitar riffs so successfully, resulting in a unique and original outcome, which is the reason why their music reached broader audiences from day one. Now, only a few years after the release of their debut album “Riza”, they re-emerge with their brand new creation, and they seem ready to influence and inspire an entire generation of fans and musicians.

“Age of Aquarius” was praised by the music press and audiences of all demographics, while is said by many to be one of the best albums in the history of Greek rock music. Psychedelic elements are ever present, while keyboards and wind instruments keep leading the way, now empowered by the universality of English lyrics. Having recently signed a worldwide record deal with influencing and legendary record label Napalm Records, Villagers of Ioannina City are undoubtedly ready for their next big step in the music industry, while worldwide recognition seems more possible than ever.

As far as their live appearances are concerned, Villagers of Ioannina City are equipped with a very impressive visual show, as well as with all the sing-along-friendly choruses, destined to be sung out loud in their every live appearance. Raise your hands in the air and get ready for a lifetime experience, loud, electric and energetic as very few, meant to inspire you and change your life.

Don’t miss the chance to become part of a memorable concert experience! 

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07 February 2020 - Mylos 1927

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