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Οι Jethro Tull... όντως επιστρέφουν στην Αθήνα!

This year may have been a little harsh, but that's no reason to cancel a Rendezvous with history!

The legendary Jethro Tull will perform live at Technopolis City of Athens, delivering a lesson of rock music history and marking the first and probably the only concert of such a historical value, that will take place in Greece, in summer of 2020.

The legendary anthems of the British pioneers Jethro Tull, will sound in Athens for yet another time, and will make us forget all about the festival-free summer that covid-19 forced us into, so that we can gaze at the future with positivity.

“Let me bring you songs from the wood
To make you feel much better than you could know.”

A very limited number of tickets will be available for the show, and all attenders will be seated due to the government's instruction for the prevention of the covid-19 spread. All social distancing measures will be followed as well.

Ticket terms: https://athens-technopolis.gr/index.php/el/oroi-eisitirion

RSVP: Jethro Tull – Technopolis City of Athens – 12 September 2020