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Katatonia on the stage of Gagarin

"On the stage of a boiling Gagarin, the Swedes were amazing, as they performed the whole Night Is The New Day (2009), but also a second, large setlist, which included tracks from their 2003, until today..." avopolis.gr

On Friday, February 28th, the beloved Katatonia, took up Gagarin's stage, aiming to fullfil the promise that they had given to us, long ago: and they more than made it.

They performed the whole album "Night Is The New Day", but did not stop there. They gave to the audience that filled the venue one of those nights that will be remembered for a long time, from every single one that attended the show.  

Creating an extraordinary live experience, which lasted more than the usual 90 minutes, the band performed 21 songs, from their early recording years, until today.

One more succesful Katatonia gig took place in our country, that definitely made the fans thirsty for the next one, while opening act On Thorns I Lay, proved their worth on stage!