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New lyric video by Villagers of Ioannina City

Οι Villagers of Ioannina City shared their brand new lyric video "Father Sun" from their forthcoming full length album “Age of Aquarius” due for release on April 4, viva legendary rock / metal record label Napalm Records.

Watch it here:


"For too long now, mother Earth has been sending messages that we are completely on the wrong trail. Let's see these strange days as an opportunity to reconsider and imagine what our lifestyle should be and what really really matters. It is vital to reconnect with the Earth and start thinking globally. We must set as our priority the prosperity of all human beings with respect and in perfect harmony with the nature. It is clearer now more than ever that we are truly connected and one's actions affect all of us. As quickly as a virus or something bad spreads without knowing borders or nations, so can love, kindness, good vibes and peace be spread among us. Wash away the fear, realize and embrace our unity with everything, act accordingly and that will be the beginning of the change you are waiting for.“

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