High Priority Promotions

Dropkick Murphys! The boys were (finally) back!

"The motto that unites us all, after all, is "Let's go Murphys". And there's no room for rooting other teams here" - Athinorama.gr

"Those of you for one or another reason didn't make it to any of their performances, should see them the next time they visit. Because, simply put, this is a once in a lifetime experience, one of those memories that get stuck forever in your brain" - RockinAthens.gr

"The truth is , I had heard that the Dropkick Murphys shows are one of a kind. But what we experienced, is hard to be put into words for someone who wasn't there. A unique live experience, that every irish punk fan should live, at least once in their lives" -  – Rocking.gr

"Dropkick Murhphys made a worth mentioning setlist, sharing their succesful tracks one after another. And we enjoyed every moment of it" - i-Jukebox.gr

"It was unbelievable just how much tension was felt in the venue and how it was getting transferred from the band, to the fans and back again" - Rockrooster.gr

"The clovers were lit on fire, once again!" - Rock’N’Roll Monuments

« “Are you going to see them again?" they asked me. I did not answer.
I never answer to dumb questions. When you've had a blast with this band twice, you never consider the third, you just go!" - Rockway.gr

"Two years after their last visit, they came back to Athens and back to their fans, whose relationship with the band has grown to another level" - Kourdistiri.gr