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20 years of Stixoima, live at Piraeus Academy

From "Vagoni" until "I mera pou skeftikame emas" and from the now legendary "Taksidevo" until "Vastili", Marina and Valandis froze us from the first until the last minute of their set” – Rapnroll 

In a packed Piraeus Academy, on Saturday, December 21st, Stixoima celebrated their 20 years anniversary with an unforgetable performance that made it to the history books.   

A year since their latest album release, "Thalassa" and just a few weeks since their new song "Vastili", Stixoima took up the stage with Taburo Bota, Kikoma and Logos Timis for a memorable live. 

For more than 3 hours that Marina and Valandis (Xplicit) were up on stage, the fans did not stop singing old and new songs and applauding the legenrady band, witch is a huge part of the local hip hop scence, since 1999. 

"We don't know if we're moving forward from here, but we will have a reason to, and we will have things to say about it."

Stixoima Live 20years Anniversary