High Priority Promotions

Who is High Priority

After 34 years in the music business of our country, DiDi Music is going to “sleep mode”.

The Artistic Director and co-owner of DiDi Music since its beginning, Nana Trandou, has been in charge of the artist booking from the start and developed a very close collaboration with the agents, the managers, as well as the artists, organizing the most successful concerts in the country, such as U2, REM, Madonna, Roger Waters, Sting, Metallica, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Iron Maiden, Arctic Monkeys, Robbie Williams and many more.

A big music chapter ends, but a new one begins. Because music never stops.

Nana Trandou along with her closest working partner and Production Manager of DiDi Music for many years, Kostas Thelouras, move forward and look at the future. Their new company, High Priority Promotions, starts a new course, having the experience, the knowledge and the passion needed. Next to them, stands the whole team that worked in DiDi Music, with the support of Jake Berry as a special advisor. Together they carry on strongly.

Dropkick Murphys, Bullet for my Valentine, Baroness, Candlemass, Bruce Dickinson, Prophets of Rage and Lamb of God are just some of the artists that High Priority Promotions has hosted in Greece since its establishment. 

At the same time, their new festival, AthensRocks, took place for the very first time during the summer of 2019, featuring the legendary Slayer as headliners on their last worldwide tour.

The High Priority Promotions team is excited and ready to work for the best concert experience!

Welcome to the world of Live Music! Welcome to High Priority Promotions!